Alexander "Galaxis" Bochmann's TikiWiki.


This wiki contains mostly severely outdated information, therefore there are no links to individual pages right now.
  • Contact information is on this page.
  • For several years, I'be been using my Google+ stream to write short posts or link to things that I considered interesting. As I'm somewhat fed up with the G+ platform, I'm currently planning to move that activity to a new blog on this site.
  • The other main blogs are sysadmin blog (in english), and another one for everything else (auf deutsch).
  • Comments are enabled, but moderated (by me, once a day at most - so they may need some time to show up).

recent blog posts on the stream

Wed 06 of Jun, 2018 Windows 10 1803 annoyances Alexander Bochmann
Fri 16 of Mar, 2018 IKEA woes Alexander Bochmann
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Sun 15 of Oct, 2017 converting animated GIFs to video... Alexander Bochmann
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Sun 15 of Oct, 2017 Updated to OpenBSD 6.2 Alexander Bochmann
Wed 04 of Oct, 2017 DMARC ARC Alexander Bochmann
Fri 22 of Sep, 2017 old Acer Launch Manager on Windows 10 Alexander Bochmann
Thu 14 of Sep, 2017 a general purpose CPU in Conway's Game of Life Alexander Bochmann
Sun 10 of Sep, 2017 over 800 posts on Mastodon... Alexander Bochmann
Tue 29 of Aug, 2017 disabling Intel Management Engine via "High Assurance Platform" mode Alexander Bochmann
Sun 20 of Aug, 2017 more downtimes Alexander Bochmann
Sat 15 of Jul, 2017 site's been down for over a week... Alexander Bochmann
Mon 22 of May, 2017 tedu: OpenBSD pledge doesn't work well on preexisting code Alexander Bochmann
Sun 21 of May, 2017 currently playing with Mastodon Alexander Bochmann

recent blog posts in other sections

Thu 21 of Dec, 2017 SolidFire FDVA software repository downgrade Alexander Bochmann
Sat 08 of Jul, 2017 find obsolete packages on a Debian system Alexander Bochmann
Wed 10 of May, 2017 Intel D945GCLF2, ACPI Exception: AE_AML_INFINITE_LOOP Alexander Bochmann
Sat 15 of Apr, 2017 sendmail MIME conversion vs. DMARC+DKIM Alexander Bochmann
Mon 10 of Apr, 2017 raspbian jessie - rsyslogd-2007: action 'action 17' suspended, next retry ... Alexander Bochmann
Wed 05 of Apr, 2017 Splunk eval vs. variable names with dashes Alexander Bochmann
Tue 28 of Mar, 2017 downgrading Android apps using data from TWRP backups Alexander Bochmann
Thu 23 of Mar, 2017 Cisco ASA logging: Disable hiding of usernames in failed admin logins Alexander Bochmann
Sun 19 of Feb, 2017 so I didn't notice that my OpenBSD vserver had broken IPv6 for quite some time... Alexander Bochmann
Sat 22 of Oct, 2016 Linux ATA bus errors with ASMedia ASM1062 PCIe card Alexander Bochmann

recent public posts on Google+