Atari System V info collection

unsorted notes

  • locate ufs filesystem structures on a disk or disk image: http://www.bolthole.com/solaris/scanufs.c (cache)
    • compile on linux by borrowing an fs.h from OpenBSD and changing the #includes (also needs stdint.h)
    • take scanufs FS blocks * 512 as offset for loop mount
  • mount main ufs partition from the asv-richard image on Linux: mount -o ro,loop,offset=102400 -t ufs asv_boot.img /mnt
    • other ufs partitions at offset=139264000, offset=149504000
  • dd asv_boot.img to scsi disk, set boot flag to ASV using bootconf.prg
  • SCSI ID should be 0
  • root file system on asv-mark is broken (c0d0s1 when using SCSI ID 0)
    • to fix from a system booted from asv-richard, with asv-mark on a second disk (I used ID3), run fsck using the first backup superblock:
    • fsck -F ufs -o b=32 /dev/rdsk/c3d0s1
  • touch /stand/system to rebuild unix on the next reboot
  • create ASV partition: /sbin/partinit -Iibm -o /dev/rdsk/cXd0sf
  • ASV system management tools: /usr/local/sbin/X11


partinit example session
pterm0# /sbin/partinit -Iibm -o /dev/rdsk/c3d0sf
*Current Physical size 2097152 blocks

Which Partition? 0
Flags, one of: St-Boot, Delete, Unix-Boot, Non-bootable ? u
Id message (   )? UNX
Start sector (0)? 1
Size (0)? 2097151

Which Partition?
*Partition    Start         Size          Id            Flags
0             1             2097151       UNX           Unix-Boot

Type 'q' to exit

Which Partition? q
Writing new sector 0:
DEL if wrong!