boot sequence of FreeMiNT + EasyMiNT on the Atari ST/TT

  • MiNT kernel version defines "sysdir" location (on boot file system)
    • FreeMiNT 1.19.73f on C: -> $sysdir = C:\MINT\1-19-73F\
  • MiNT is looking for MINT.CNF and MINT.INI in $sysdir
  • EasyMiNT uses the SpareMiNT init system to load XaAES
    • do not use GEM= in MINT.INI
    • XaAES ist started as console getty via /usr/bin/xaaes in /etc/ttytab (!)
    • /usr/bin/xaaes is a fixed symlink to /c/mint/1-19-CUR/xaaes/xaloader.prg (!)
  • XAAES.CNF is loaded from the xaloader.prg startup directory