I bought an Acer WarpLink GW-100 "wireless broadband router" as access point about two years ago or so, and also planned to use it as DSL gateway later on. Turned out I didn't like the thing and later gave it to my girlfriend to run her DSL line.


One of the main problems was, that it never really worked reliably with the firmware version that Acer had available (1.00.003).

When I searched around at the time, it turned out that the GW-100 is based on an Accton OEM product that was also used, for example, by SMC (SMC 7004AWBR #750.5435 (cache)) and Siemens (SpeedStream 2623). I think I found out because all the systems had the same FCC ID...

This thread on socketforum.com (cache) has some more detail.

From these three vendors, SMC seems to have available the newest firmware version (the system is based on WindRiver's Vxworks, btw.), here: v 1.42.005 (cache).

This version works ok on the Acer GW-100, too.