Opera Mini (cache) is a Java MIDP based web browser for handheld devices. Data is transferred via a proxy at Operasoftware that compresses images and does some other magic. It doesn't need much bandwidth and is even usable on much slower hardware than the Zodiac (like mobile phones).

Now, there never was an official Java MIDP VM for the Zodiac, and the one available from Palm (cache) only runs on Palm hardware (last time I tried).

But obviously, Palm provided a beta version of the IBM Websphere Micro environment that was not restricted to a specific hardware for a short time (version info sais "J9 2.1 ARM (20040123)"). Unfortunately, the only place I could find this distribution was on the EDonkey file sharing network, under the URL


The current Palm Treo 650 version of Opera Mini Advanced runs quite ok, but it will crash the system now and then. Also, the JVM will not use the full screen, regardless of whether the virtual graffitti area is active or not (double buffering and usage of high-resolution coordinates options have to be activated nevertheless).

Crap blurry cameraphone image: