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bochmann Tuesday 13 of January, 2004
Been quite ill the last couple of days, so not much happening. Headaches killed any motivation. Then started rebuilding some of the software on my system with gcc 3.3.2, adding stuff to my quickinstall docs along the way.


not much news

bochmann Tuesday 06 of January, 2004
Ok, so now I wasted about two hours last evening to put my webcomics links into the Tiki directory, don't need to drag around the Opera bookmarks file anymore, in theory at least (I don't quite like the layout of Tiki's directory output, but although it's supposed to be really easy, I haven't found out how to edit the page templates from the Tiki web interface in a useful way yet).

Next I wanted to try was some of the Wiki functionality, perhaps just shove in some documentation about installing Anthony Howe's various milters (cache) for sendmail on my OpenBSD box.

Unfortunately there seems to be some bug in Tiki's Image Gallery code, should have a look at that, too...

(and I really have to change the language preferences in MacOS X, OmniWeb (cache) currently underlines nearly every word I write into this input box - probably doesn't look much like german)



bochmann Sunday 04 of January, 2004
Originally I just wanted some software to create image galleries for my web server that look a bit nicer than what I used to do with thumbnail_image (cache)... But then setting up a wiki to gather data from my rusty memory and some software to assemble bookmarks from my various browser installations were on my to-do list for quite some time now, and hey, everyone blogs nowadays ("me too", do you notice some theme here?), and so I stumbled over TikiWiki (cache)...

Before I used thttpd (cache) as web server, which is really nice for static content, and while it's possible to compile php (cache) for thttpd, it's not the ideal platform. I tried apache2, but there are some strange problems with php4 and apache2 on OpenBSD, so now I'm back to apache1 (which works with mostly identical config). I didn't take into account the memory requirements of the apache/php combination - with a single user my 96MB RAM system was into swap up to the ears in no time. Oh yes, and I needed to install mysql, too...

As there's not too much to optimize in terms of memory usage for AMP stuff, I assembled all the FPM memory modules I had lying around somewhere and now have enough for about two concurrent users on the Tikiwiki pages...

More later :)