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bochmann Tuesday 06 of January, 2004
Ok, so now I wasted about two hours last evening to put my webcomics links into the Tiki directory, don't need to drag around the Opera bookmarks file anymore, in theory at least (I don't quite like the layout of Tiki's directory output, but although it's supposed to be really easy, I haven't found out how to edit the page templates from the Tiki web interface in a useful way yet).

Next I wanted to try was some of the Wiki functionality, perhaps just shove in some documentation about installing Anthony Howe's various milters (cache) for sendmail on my OpenBSD box.

Unfortunately there seems to be some bug in Tiki's Image Gallery code, should have a look at that, too...

(and I really have to change the language preferences in MacOS X, OmniWeb (cache) currently underlines nearly every word I write into this input box - probably doesn't look much like german)