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installing GRML to an USB stick from Windows using UNetbootin...

Alexander Bochmann Monday 01 of November, 2010
...there's actually nothing to it, although GRML is not one of the supported Linux distributions in UNetbootin.

Task: Install a live Linux distribution to a FAT-formatted USB stick without losing all the data that's already on it (which rules out the "rawrite2 ISO Image to USB stick" option).

GRML (cache) is a Linux live CD (based on Debian) with all the useful sysadmin tools (and a huge boot menu with alternate stuff that's also on the CD, like a FreeDOS boot image).
UNetbootin (cache) creates bootable USB sticks from predefined plugins, from ISO files, or disk images.

So, download GRML, download UNetbootin, start UNetbootin, select "ISO Image" option and the GRML ISO file (I used grml-small), press OK, wait.

That's it.