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jloader-ex-2200 - Error: upgrade address wrong

Alexander Bochmann Saturday 03 of March, 2012
Just in case anyone else gets hit by this (increasingly unlikely, as it's old software):

Tried to upgrade two Juniper EX2200 switches running JunOS 10.2R1.8 with the new bootloader to support dual-root firmware, and ran into the following error:

Verified jloader-ex-2200-11.3I20110326_0802_hmerge.tgz signed by PackageDevelopment_11_3_0
Adding jloader-ex-2200...
Installation in progress, please wait...
Mounted jloader-ex-2200 package on /dev/md10...
Registering jloader-ex-2200 as unsupported
Error: upgrade address wrong 0x180000 0x100000 0x700000
Installation failed with exit status 1
Saving package file in /var/sw/pkg/jloader-ex-2200-11.3I20110326_0802_hmerge-signed.tgz ...
Saving state for rollback ...

The only place where this message is mentioned is in this post on the J-Net forums (cache), but I couldn't really get how things worked out for the author from that thread.

So here's what I found when upgrading my systems:

Jloader will in fact not be installed after this error. JunOS has to be upgraded first (10.4R8.5 in my case). It will still boot with the old boot loader (just dual-root support won't work).
After a reboot, the jloader package has to be downloaded and installed a second time with the usual request system software add .... With JunOS 10.4 as a base, the "upgrade address wrong" message will disappear. Reboot again, then remove the jloader installer with request system software delete jloader-ex-2200 to get rid of the "At least one package installed on this device has limited support" - warning. Reboot a third time.

This needs quite some time on EX2200 (CPU on these boxes is really, really slow) - maybe 45 minutes all in all - but works without further problems in the end.