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FortiOS 5.2 upgrade problems on Fortigate 80C

Alexander Bochmann Sunday 05 of July, 2015
Recently I tried upgrading my Fortigate 80C firewall to a current FortiOS (5.2.3) following the - supposedly - supported upgrade path, from 5.0.10.

Unfortunately I ran into the ehci_hcd 5035: fatal error that's been mentioned on the Fortinet forums in various places (here, for example) - system doesn't boot. Good thing it's possible to easily fall back to the previous release by booting from the backup partition. When you're connected to the console port, that is.

Today I found out FortiOS 5.2.3 can be installed after wiping the internal flash from the bootloader, using a serial console. My Fortigate had originally been installed with some FortiOS 4 release - I assume the boot disk layout has changed somewhere between releases, and the new image just doesn't fit.

  • a tftp server configured for an address in the network on interface 1 of your Fortigate to hold the new firmware image (mine wasn't, and I had to quickly shuffle some things around to recover from that)...
  • an USB stick with the current configuration to import after the upgrade has finished (or just put it on the tftp server, too)

First, select

[F]: Format boot device.

from the bootloader menu. As soon as that is finished, use

[G]: Get firmware image from TFTP server.

to fetch the new firmware image via tftp. The system will reboot with a default configuration. Log in with the admin account (no password) and restore your configuration from the USB stick:

config global
execute restore config usb <filename>