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@morganmpage on Twitter: "gamification of the alt-right"

Alexander Bochmann Saturday 04 of February, 2017
The thread following this post by @morganmpage on Twitter (cache), via Brianna Sheldon on Google+, mirrors some of my own thoughts on certain supporters of the Trump administration. During the recent months, I've thought "damn, this reminds me of ingame politics during my times playing EVE Online" so much when looking at news from the presidential campaign...

Some selected snippets from the above link:

@morganmpage wrote:
Ten years ago I would not have predicted that geek culture would plunge the world into political chaos.
So much of the alt-right grew out of online geek culture (GG is a good example).
A layer the media has not picked up on is the gamification of the alt-right. It is a game played for nihilistic pleasure.
Every woman, POC, queer, trans person intimidated - every social justice space 'infiltrated' - scores points for the nerd nazis.
Geek culture was perfect breeding ground for this. Like geeks intensely nostalgize the media culture of their youths, so too the altright
It became easy to like a nostalgia for media culture to a nostalgia for nationalist culture. Both are reactions to a rapidly changing world.
Reddit and the chans, w/their male-centric and game-ified trolling cultures, gave birth to the bastard child that is the alt-right.
Don't "not ALL gamers!" at me. Of course it is not all individual geeks. But this subculture is what gave birth to the alt-right.
The sneering way the left dismisses the alt-right as uneducated is simply not the case, which I guess is one of the points I'm making here.
The Gaters are really the direct antecedents of the current alt-right. The Gate is how they learned to organize, gameify harassment, etc.
They don't actually care about politics: they're using it as a game and as a tool for lashing out about their feelings of disenfranchisement

("GG" refers to Wikipedia: Gamergate controversy)

Currently, it seems a similar game has started around Martin Schulz, SPD candidate for chancellor in the upcoming general elections here in Germany.