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Capsule8 announces cloudy Linux threat protection

Alexander Bochmann Friday 10 of February, 2017
Right now there's no technical info at all, which makes me somewhat noninterested for the time being, despite the current buzz and the well-known names involved.

Capsule8 wrote:
Capsule8's real-time threat protection will detect and prevent known and zero-day attacks throughout an organization’s production infrastructure. Capsule8's protection will span the entire Linux infrastructure — across clouds and data centers, as well as throughout virtual machines, bare metal and containers.
With intelligent investigation that leverages both artificial intelligence and human-in-the-loop analytics, we will provide complete visibility for complex, multi-system applications, with high-fidelity alerting to reduce fatigue.

Buzzwords galore. Their Introducing Capsule8 blog post is only slighly more informative.