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Daikatana "1.3"

Alexander Bochmann Sunday 19 of February, 2017
Another one I've seen on Fun with Virtualization - bringing Daikatana back to life.

The new version can be installed right over the old game files - and Daikatana is on sale for €1.49 on Steam right now...

On the game server code,
neozeed wrote:
The biggest initial problem is that plenty of it was valid GCC 2.x syntax which later versions would barf on. And of course endian issues as Solaris was defined and set as big endian. As a matter of fact there is all kinds of variable sizing issues that had to me messed with. But thanks to iD’s general portable code, and separated IO, it only took about 10 days of on and off hacking to get it running using GCC 2.8.1 on Solaris, and only 2 days to get it running on Linux with GCC 2.8.1 … There is a lot of gotchas and hidden traps in the code, and of course bad assumptions about platforms in the code and all kinds of fun.