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Ted Unangst: (l)inks

Alexander Bochmann Monday 27 of February, 2017
I wasn't aware (should probably think up a tag for posts that begin with those or similar words) that tedu had started a link collection fed from things he was reading a while ago - somewhat similar to what I'm trying to do here (and now another input for my RSS reader).

Today, he reflected on 1000 links having been posted to that collection. I can relate to a lot of what he wrote.

tedu wrote:
There was also the question of whether to post popular links seen elsewhere or focus on hidden gems. ICYMI YOLO FOMO. A curated best of list is good for people who want to replace social aggregators, but redundant for those who don’t. Focusing on the underserved link market means the site is less useful as an archive. It feels weird to exclude a link because other people liked it, and being able to flip back and find a link a week later has actually been immensely helpful.

His format is somewhat more terse than mine, usually with a one-line quote and a few words of comment. Okay, mabe it just seems more terse because the site is using a very simple layout.

tedu wrote:
There’s always some proposal or another about how to fix or replace sites like Twitter and HN. One possibility is for everybody to run a little site where they post their favorite links. Subscribe to the people who post good stuff, and boom, all those complaints about clickbait rising to the top disappear.

Hey, a distributed social network ;)