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ISOC on the use of personal data

Alexander Bochmann Wednesday 22 of March, 2017
I didn't know there's a World Consumer Rights Day...

"My Data. Your Business." on the ISOC blog worries that consumers might lose trust in online businesses over data privacy issues, and calls for a definition of acceptable business ethics.

We may not know the specifics, but we do know that somewhere out there someone is tracking us online: in fact, most of the data monetization machine is invisible to consumers — the individuals whose data fuels it.

All this has, understandably, left many people wary. Why WOULD you trust someone or something that is gathering information on you with no real insight into how it will be used?

The consequences of this could be devasting to the economy. If do not understand how their data will be handled and used and therefore don’t trust online transactions, online business will wither and die.