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raspbian jessie - rsyslogd-2007: action 'action 17' suspended, next retry ...

Alexander Bochmann Monday 10 of April, 2017
On a headless Raspberry Pi running raspbian/jessie, the /var/log/messages file is filling up with entries like these:

 rsyslogd-2007: action 'action 17' suspended, next retry is [..date..] [ try http://www.rsyslog.com/e/2007 ] 

It seems this message is generated when rsyslogd isn't able to deliver syslog messages to one of the destinations in rsyslog.conf

In the case a raspbian, it's obviously the entry at the end of the config that tries to pipe messages to |/dev/xconsole - which doesn't exist on a system that doesn't run X11...

The messages disappear after commenting out or deleting the corresponding lines:

#       news.err;\
#       *.=debug;*.=info;\
#       *.=notice;*.=warn       |/dev/xconsole

I really should file a bug report for this...