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Mastodon embeds on the blog...

Alexander Bochmann Saturday 14 of July, 2018
I've been pulling in some posts from my Mastodon instance to the blog, using iframes to directly show the embed view provided my Mastodon.

There's two problems with that:

One is, that someone who is using a content blocker like uBlock Origin or uMatrix likely won't see anything in these posts when they're blocking third party content by default. The other is - what happens when my Mastodon instance is down?

So I've now added direct links to each of the embedded posts, serving a dual purpose: There's first party content (the link), and also the Tiki engine creates a cache entry that can be accessed when the Mastodon server is unreachable.

I've also tagged all affected posts as mastodon embed, so I can easily find them and replace the content should I ever plan to shut down my Mastodon system.