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Android: Qualcomm® aptX™ bluetooth notification

Alexander Bochmann Friday 01 of February, 2019
On my new Blackberry Key2 LE, I have run into a system notification when certain bluetooth headphones are connected:

using  Qualcomm® aptX™
using Qualcomm® aptX™

Great. What do I care? Let's disable this notification.

Notifications from this app can't be turned off
Notifications from this app can't be turned off

Helpfully, the message shows the name of the Android component, com.qualcomm.qtil.aptxui

So I enabled developer mode on the phone, connected from the PC via adb shell, and killed off the whole thing:

bbe100:/ $ pm disable-user --user 0 com.qualcomm.qtil.aptxui
Package com.qualcomm.qtil.aptxui new state: disabled-user

I have not noticed any negative consequences.

But, really, what is this idiocy with hardware vendors injecting ads into the system? Qualcomm has 37 packages on the system, according to a pm list packages | grep qualcomm. I'm not inclined to trust them very much, but unfortunately there's little to no documentation on this kind of vendor crap on Android.

I took the opportunity to disable another obvious one, ''com.qualcomm.qti.haven.telemetry.service".