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Alexander Bochmann Monday 14 of September, 2020
A few years ago, I set up a copy of Shaarli, but ended up never using it. My initial idea was to have it as a central repository for bookmarks, but then Floccus showed up as a way more convenient solution for bookmark sync. I also thought about using it for sharing links with short summaries (similar to the posts on here, or on G+ before), but then the Fediverse came along and soaked up most up my online activity.

I didn't really pick up the link sharing habit over there - wasn't shure about how to blend it in with my other posts. I thought about creating a second account just for that, but keeping multiple accounts is too much of a hassle for me (which also sunk the idea to use language-specific alts or fan out by general topics). Didn't go back up using Tiki either, as I do much of my reading on mobile devices nowadays, and writing Tiki posts from there is kind of annoying. With Shaarli, I can use the Shaarlier app to quickly drop links and a short description.

Not sure how this will end up in the longer run, but it's a try.

My Shaarli is over here, and also has an own separate RSS feed.