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ESRs CUPS horror story

bochmann Sunday 29 of February, 2004
Today, everyone and their dog is writing about Eric Raymond's CPUS story (cache). I didn't have his problems yet, as I only have used CUPS as print server for Windows Clients accessing it through Samba, and UNIX Clients via standard BSD lpr/printcap setup.
Oh yes, and I think the MacOsX print support is based on CUPS, but the interface is obviously a lot better than the one supplied with Redhat's Fedora setup.

By the way, I was quite surprised with the quality of the OS X help - after having found dozens of documents on, for example, enabling root access or booting to single user mode on the web, I took a look at the integrated help and found everything there (try looking up "root access" or "single-user mode" in Mac Help). Seems like I'm already spoiled by the "help" supplied on Microsoft OSes, which mostly fails to have any sort of technical documentation targeted at system administrators. But then I chose a Mac system, because I knew I would mostly have positive surprises (and because I used to work with NeXT machines and I'm still kind of NextStep affictionado - the overall feeling is quite comparable, and lots of old knowledge comes in quite handy on OS X)...