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28c3, day 1

Alexander Bochmann Wednesday 28 of December, 2011
So it's that time of the year again...

Feels somewhat different from last time over (25C3, has it really been three years?):
  • Less crowded. Maybe just because it's day one, but most things run smoothly (exception: trying to get a r0ket, I think 50% of the attendands were in that queue). No probelm to find place with a free power socket.
  • Less laptops in the lectures. The desks in Saal1 have been removed, and I have the impression that the same happened to lots of wall sockets. Ok, people switched to tablets and smartphones, but even that seems at a reduced level.

I'm not going to write summaries of speeches, but I noticed that the topic of (OSI) layer boundary violations came up twice - once in the session on PHY attacks on wireless devices, and when Dan Kaminsky mentioned something in the line of "applications built on top of TCP assume reliability" (and that assumption can be broken). It seems there's some surprises still waiting in that direction.

Cory Doctorow was good for a host of quotes, but I was hit by his description of networked activism, and why it seems so disparate without being desolate, which went something like this: Earlier on, the main work was actually organizing the activist movement, and so people agreed on common goals first and then went on organizing around that ("2% figuring out what to do, 98% stuffing envelopes"). Nowadays, organization comes mostly for free, and it's easy to form up around a topic, start discussing things, and maybe move off in different directions without losing touch. Which is exactly what confuses people about the pirate party in germany, for example (or Anonymous, or Occupy). Now that maybe oversimplified, but it rings true in principle.

His talk is here on youtube: http://youtu.be/OyNmUmmQ0kI

Nebenbei scheinen in Sachsen manche Dinge anders zu funktionieren als anderswo: http://youtu.be/Cz22Vx1MRzM