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Checkpoint SmartView Monitor R70.x script error

Alexander Bochmann Sunday 11 of December, 2011
I've now seen several installations of an Checkpoint R70 management GUI where the details pane in SmartView Monitor doesn't work because of Javascript errors like "'statSection' is undefined" or similar. The URL usually is "file:///C:/Program%20Files/CheckPoint/SmartConsole/R70.40/PROGRAM/data/htdocs/overview.html?", as in the following screenshot (german version):

checkpoint SmartView Monitor script error

I've found several references to this problem on the Checkpoint support forums and elsewhere, but none with a conclusive solution.

Obviously, this error occurs because SmartView Monitor can't find several files in PROGRAM/data/htdocs.

I have a somewhat convoluted workaround for this:
  1. There are two .tar files in PROGRAM/data which contain the required files, namely SmartViewMonitor.tar and SmartViewTracker.tar.
  2. For some reason it's impossible to untar those two files directly in the data folder, even as Administrator - I have the impression that a htdocs directory already exists, but is invisible or has very strange access restrictions (have found no way to make it visible).
  3. So copy the two files to somewhere else, and untar them using either an archiver like 7-Zip, or with the gtar.exe that's included in PROGRAM/util with any SmartDashboard installation.
  4. Move the resulting htdocs folder back to PROGRAM/data within the Checkpoint GUI directory. You'll need administrative privileges, and force overwriting any existing files.
  5. Never see script errors again.