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So I uninstalled the Windows 10 "Creators Update" tonight...

Alexander Bochmann Saturday 08 of April, 2017
...and not even because I particularly dislike any of the the user-visible changes. There's certainly some more polish here and there, and the Settings app has a much better organization. Not sure if I like the collapsing scrollbars in "modern" apps though, and most of the new system app additions (basically anthing with "holo" or "xbox" in it's name, and the "3D paint" thing too) are completely useless to me. I also noticed that Microsoft is starting to set up the infrastructure to push users onto modern apps and the appstore (there's a setting to disable or at least supervise the installation of classic windows programs).

No, the deal-braker for me is graphics perfomance in games - World of Warships, in particular. Not that I expect any wonders on my six years old notebook - ATI has discontinued driver updates for the Radeon Mobility HD5000 series over a year ago, for example. But on the previous W10 1607, WoWs is well playable (at 1280x1024, with low-midrange graphics settings). After the update, it's being pushed into "unplayable" territory, even with further reduced graphics settings. The problem seems not so much the absolute frame rate, but graphics updates stutter more often, and scenes that were slow before are now chopped up and jolty. I didn't check if the much-touted Game Mode is active for WoWs, but I don't know why it should make much of a difference with the game being the only running application.

Yeah well. Since the notebook (upgraded with 8G RAM and an SSD maybe two years ago) is still just fine as a general-purpose computing platform, I'll probably just wait for some deal on a small PC with one of the new AMD CPUs and a decent graphics card later this year, to use for games.