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old Acer Launch Manager on Windows 10

Alexander Bochmann Friday 22 of September, 2017
I'm still using the same Acer Aspire 3820G laptop that I bought over six years ago, though I've switched to Windows 10 during the "free upgrade" time. Mostly everything works, despite missing vendor drivers. The function keys (sleep, sound volume, etc.) have basic support, but I recently noticed that the wireless switch only toggles through a handful of states, none of which have both Wifi and Cellular modem enabled.

For Windows 7, Acer provided Dritek Launch Manager to enable or disable wireless functions (Wifi, Bluetooth, Cellular), but version 4.0.5 doesn't install successfully on Windows 10 - and newer releases don't support the 3820G hardware.

After some experimentation it turns out that just starting the Launch Manager Setup.exe in compatibility mode for Windows 7 (right-click, select "Troubleshoot compatibility") surprisingly does the trick - installer completes, and after a reboot the wireless function key actually starts Launch Manager instead of driving the Win10 builtin toggle.

Acer Launch Manager Win10
...so now I can use the Cellular modem and provide a Wifi hotspot at the same time.