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This wiki contains mostly severely outdated information, therefore there are no links to individual pages right now.

recent blog posts on the stream

Wed 11 of Aug, 2021 Mac Mini early 2009 temperature sensor placement Alexander Bochmann
Sun 02 of May, 2021 hiding device type from the user agent in Vivaldi on Android Alexander Bochmann
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Fri 25 of Jan, 2019 Blackberry Key2 LE vs. FRITZ!WLAN Repeater 310 with FritzOS 7.01 Alexander Bochmann
Mon 06 of Aug, 2018 RFC 6762 reserved the .local TLD in 2013 for Multicast DNS! Alexander Bochmann
Sat 04 of Aug, 2018 OpenSSH uses MD5 with salt to encrypt the passphrase for RSA keys by default Alexander Bochmann
Sat 14 of Jul, 2018 Mastodon embeds on the blog... Alexander Bochmann
Sat 07 of Jul, 2018 LineageOS Gallery app not showing any pictures Alexander Bochmann

recent blog posts in other sections

Sat 23 of Apr, 2022 Debian bullseyse / Devuan chimaera openssl minimum TLS version Alexander Bochmann
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Sat 06 of Jul, 2019 deleting stale VMware NSX controller instances Alexander Bochmann